We have been considering together the concept from Colossians 1:28-29 of being Complete in Christ. To be “Complete” is to have grown to maturity in the faith. This maturity is able to be seen by others as they observe the believers walk with God, ministry to others, and multiplication of disciples. We began to give focus to the Path which leads a person to this destination of being “Complete in Christ”. The path to being complete is a path of growing. We must be committed to helping people experience growth in 3 vital areas. People need to be growing in the faith, growing in fruitfulness, and growing in faithfulness. These 3 areas of growth are all growing at the same time. We shared in detail in our previous blog about our growing in the faith. Today we desire to begin to look together at the 2nd area of growth “Growing in Fruitfulness”. In John 15: 4-5 Jesus shared the analogy of the Vine and the Branches. From this analogy we understand several truths related to our growing in fruitfulness. – Jesus is the Vine and we, who believe, are all branches – Abiding is the key to the experience of abundant life and fruitfulness of the Branches – Jesus expects us to abide in Him – Jesus made it clear that pruning was not only part of the process but essential to our being fruitful – Jesus declares that our relationship with Him is both Why we can be fruitful and How we can be fruitful – If we do not abide then we will find it impossible to be fruitful – Jesus expects and promises much fruit for those who abide in Him. In our next few blogs we will dig deeper into this idea of growing in our fruitfulness. Please share this blog with others if it is helpful to you. His Kingdom Come! Pastor Joe Durham